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Your view: How to spend the money to fight opioids

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 05 Feb 2018 05:09 AM / No Comments / 8 views

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Everything that I have been hearing on the news and in your paper about the opioid epidemic is both terrible and frightening. I have been exposed to and around drugs for more than 40 years, so yes I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. I truly believe that your readers will benefit from my opinion and suggestions about this crisis.

If the government and states are going to throw millions and millions of dollars into an effort to combat this problem, here is how I think it should be spent.

I believe that trying to limit and monitor the amount and dosage of pain killers is a waste of time and money, because addicts will simply turn to more harmful alternatives such as heroin and fentanyl. I also believe that there will be a spike in the use of methamphetamine. Nobody wants that.

If you are going to spend money on more and more investigators, make sure they investigate a real solution and not simply look for a way to add to our overcrowded jails and prison system. I also believe that educating our children should be a top priority. But, make sure its focus is on the real prevention and not just informing them that it is a problem.

Educating young women of childbearing age is a must. We do not need any more addicted babies. Classes for substance abuse in prison are a good idea on paper, but does it help or just make addicts want a fix that much more? Talking about drugs makes addicts want drugs. We know the dangers.

Finally, most addicts are not just going to simply quit. Expand Medicaid, GAP (Virginia), TennCare and private insurance to cover not only Suboxone, but also doctor visits. Suboxone works if it is available and easy to obtain. After all, Suboxone with Maloxone all but eliminate overdoses. Human life should be our main concern, not to mention reducing the crime rate.

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