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Will These 8 Pop Stars Be Relevant In Another 5 Years? Vote!

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 17 Jan 2015 22:22 PM / No Comments / 32 views

It is no secret that pop stars typically don’t have long careers. They usually become famous when they’re young and then, by the time they’re in their 30s, they are put out to pasture. This isn’t the fate for all pop stars though. Some of them, a rare few, manage to leave a lasting mark in the music industry and become pop icons as a result. Madonna and Michael Jackson are two examples of this. What we want to know is which of Hollywood’s young pop stars will still be relevant in another 5 years. Vote to let us know!

8. Lady Gaga

For a while, Lady Gaga was on top of the world. It was only a few years ago that her album Born This Way sold over one million copies in its first week on sale and that her tour, Born This Way Ball, became the highest grossing tour of the year. When she released ARTPOP in 2013, however, no one seemed to care. It received lukewarm reviews from critics and it didn’t sell well. According to her, this made her want to quit the business.

After working with jazz legend Tony Bennett, however, she’s changed her mind. She wants to continue singing and performing for many years to come. We keep wondering if this is even possible. In another five years, will anyone be that interested in buying a Lady Gaga album or is she going to have to find new ways to shock her way right back into our hearts?

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