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Will.I.Am’s top ten best moments of all time on The Voice UK

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 17 Jan 2015 17:39 PM / No Comments / 11 views

WILL.I.AM is responsible for the majority of funny moments on The Voice UK.

And as the new series makes way for the second round of blind auditions, we took a look back at the judge’s best one liners, hilarious metaphors and impeccable impressions.

From referring to himself as a bowl of soggy cereal to that infamous Micheal Jackson, Will.I.Am never fails to entertain.

Check out OK! Online’s round up of our favourite funny man’s most unforgettable moments: 

1. The famous Michael Jackson impression – The Voice 2012


While “living with Michael Jackson in Ireland” the pop king apparently asked Will.I.Am to make him a “tasty beat, the kind when people hear it, they want to eat it”.

2. That time when Will.I.Am felt like soggy cereal – The Voice 2015


“You know when you’re eating breakfast and somebody calls you and your cereal goes all soggy? I don’t like that. I want to be CRISPY” – the struggle is real, Will.

3. When Cheryl Fernandez-Versini called during the show – The Voice 2014


Following Jermain Jackman’s performance, Cheryl dropped Will.I.Am a call to let him know his act was “amazing”. Will picked up the phone via his watch – which just makes this moment even more special.

4. When Will.I.Am took his preferred Chicken spice VERY seriously – The Voice 2015


Speaking in an impromptu Northern accent, Will threw back the question at Letitia George: “I wanna know what sauce YOU like on YOUR chicken.” 

5. When Will.I.Am’s double took to the stage – The Voice 2013 wasn’t expecting to be confronted by what looked like his double, contestant Matt Henry, in this series. The pair shared uncanny similarities, prompting the him to say: “You look more like my brother than my brother.” Makes sense.

6. When Will.I.Am wore the same jackets as Opera duo Barbara and Carla – The Voice 2013


Speaking about opera duo Barbara and Carla, who graced the stage in synchronised outfits, Will couldn’t help but comment: “If you were my act, I’d make you wear matching jackets all the time.”

7. “Are you Squint Eastwood up in this place?” That is all – The Voice 2012


Will.I.Am had the greatest reaction of all time when Heshima Thompson made it clear he hated the Chris Brown song he was given to battle with. “You got some eyes like you gonna choke me or something. Ishma are you squinting? Are you Squint Eastwood up in this place?” We have no words.

8. The “ninja assassin” singers – The Voice 2012


After Toni and Kirsten’s note-perfect battle, he said: “I thought I was hearing a choir. You guys sing like ninja assassin singers.”

9. When Will.I.Am went all caveman with his comments – The Voice 2012

Jessie J's pal whipped out some epic metaphors during Vince's performance [BBC]

Jessie J’s pal whipped out some epic metaphors during Vince’s performance [BBC]

Speaking to Vince Kidd when he came on stage with no shoes on, he said: “Vince you’re like Dave Matthews selling out your own festival. I’m gonna rock it caveman style real quick and stamp on you fools! It’s mad fresh. Dope.”

10. The best sounds of Will.I.Am of all time


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