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Why you should never take travel insurance advice from a travel agent revealed

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 28 Jan 2018 21:46 PM / No Comments / 7 views

Travel insurance is important, so holidaymakers need to know they are clued up on every aspect of their plan.

Certain types of travel insurance are needed for different holidays, activity holidays and skiing holidays require specific plans.

The same goes for if you are taking expensive equipment aboard such as a laptop or camera, travellers must make sure their plan will cover the cost of that. 

You can compare various plans online, but you should never rely on a travel agent to sort out your plan – and one TA revealed why.

Kira Solomon, a travel agent, said: “As a TA I was taught by insurance companies never to answer coverage questions from clients because I myself am not a licensed insurance agent and it can be a liability if I give misinformation. 

“What I was trained to do is provide my clients with a copy of the coverage details in full and direct them to the insurance agency for any specific questions.”

Your travel agent may recommend a plan but it is not down to them to make sure it covers all of your needs.

Kira added, on Quora: “Agents may not tell you flat out what is covered, they should be providing you with a copy of the coverage in full (or coverage plans if they are providing you with options to choose from) and from there it’s the traveler’s responsibility to look it over to make sure it covers what you personally need and want it to cover you for.”

Martin Lewis recently revealed why you should always book your travel insurance immediately. 

The financial journalist appeared on This Morning today to explain why.

“This month, millions of you are booking your summer holidays, so at the same time make sure you book your travel insurance too,” Martin said on the ITV show. 

“You need cover from the moment you go, yet far too many people book a holiday and then leave the cover until later.”

It is also essential to check your passport for certain details, Martin said. 

If passports don’t match the requirements of a country, families could see themselves being prevented from entering.

It certainly isn’t the best way to start a holiday. 

Martin explained how one family were turned away because their child only had two months on their passport, ending the holiday before it even began.

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