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This car insurance mistake could see you prosecuted for fraud and land a hefty fine

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 16:30 PM / No Comments / 10 views

and is expected to rise throughout 2018. 

With average policy prices reaching an extortionate level, drivers are looking for ways to reduce their premium costs. 

But drivers are being warned that withholding one certain piece of information from their insurer could land them in trouble. 

UK drivers who have lied about penalty points, to get a cheaper insurance quote, could risk invalidating their premium. 

It doesn’t just stop with car insurance invalidation as motorists can also land hefty fines, penalty point endorsements and prosecuted for fraud. 

Last year, figures revealed by the RAC revealed that around half a million drivers withheld information about their driving record from their insurer. 

Simon McCulloch, Director at, said to “Receiving penalty points can be a nightmare for drivers, but while it may be tempting to cover these up to avoid a higher premium, failing to declare previous convictions to your insurer can land you in hot water. 

“It’s important to remember that deliberately withholding relevant information from your insurer could be considered to be fraud, which could see you facing graver consequences than a higher premium. 

“Not only could you face invalidating your cover, but in the case of an accident, the deception could see you face extra points, a hefty fine or even a driving ban from the police. 

“You should always make sure to take extra care when looking for car insurance and declare all relevant information accurately and honestly, including driving offences committed.”

While some drivers confessed to deliberately withholding information from their insurer, there is also a proportion drivers unaware of the rules. 

Ignorance is certainly not bliss in this case as motorists can still face the same fines and punishments as those who deliberately withhold information.

In the UK drivers that receive 12 penalty points on their licence will face an instant ban. 

Drivers that have held a licence for up to two years will be banned if they manage to accrue six points. 

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