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Jennifer Aniston opens up about controversial Horrible Bosses 2 cut sex scene

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 05 Dec 2014 19:50 PM / No Comments / 14 views

Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses 2WARNER BROTHERS

Jennifer Aniston says she felt scared to film a sex scene for Horrible Bosses 2

The 45-year-old Hollywood star reprises her role of sex-addict dentist Julia Harris in the sequel to the American comedy.

During an interview on TV host Conan O’Brien’s chat show last night, Jennifer spoke of one scene which required her to get frisky with her co-star Charlie Day, whose character was in coma.

The controversial shoot proved too heated for all on set as it was eventually cut from the final version of the sequel. 

Talking about the awkward one-sided scene, a red-faced Jennifer said: “It was kind of not mutual. Because it was a [stutters]… Charlie Day’s character is in a coma, and I exploit him whilst he was in a coma.

Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses 2WARNER BRORTHERS

The 45-year-old star has reprised her role of Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses 2

“So it was a sex scene that was sort of.. they removed it. But I bet it will be in those DVD extras!”

She added: “Terrifying thing to shoot by the way, because normally you have a partner with you to be like, ‘God this is hard’ and like, ‘Yeah, this is weird’.

The former Friends star appeared alongside Day, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis, in the original comedy.

Actor Chris Pine and newly-announced Bond villain Christoph Waltz also make appearances in the second film in the franchise.

Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses 2YOUTUBE

Jennifer joined chat show host Conan O'Brien on his Thursday night show

For her appearance on the Conan O’Brien show, Jennifer opted to wear an elegant strapless blue dress.

The figure-hugging bandeau dress, designed by British designer Vivienne Westwood, featured ruche detailing at the bust.

Conan will air on TruTV in the UK on Monday night.

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