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Israeli company launces discounted health insurance for vegans

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Israeli company launces discounted health insurance for vegans

Lavi is spearheading a vegan-friendly initiative.
(photo credit: LAVI)

The Clal Insurance company is offering discounts on health insurance for vegans, finance company Lavi, which is spearheading a wider vegan-friendly initiative, announced Sunday.

The company has established a Vegans Pay Less (VPL) initiative, developing a life and health insurance plan for vegans that includes a significant discount.

Clal Insurance is the first of the leading insurance companies in Israel to join the initiative. The discounted health insurance which only be available to members of vegan associations and they must provide a signed declaration of heath.

Uri Eshel, co-CEO of Lavi, said: “The VPL’s ultimate goal is to promote the declaration that vegan is healthier, and the establishment of this declaration will result in the greatest wave of veganism seen in Israel until now. Because of this, we are committed to promoting the growth of special services for vegans..”

Daniel Cohen, Deputy CEO and Director of the Health Division at Clal Insurance said the company is dedicated to investing in the needs of its diverse range of customers.

“With the understanding that veganism is a global trend that is developing especially here in Israel, we decided to provide a solution to this segment of the market too,” he said.

“Many studies reinforce the claim that a vegan lifestyle is healthier, prolongs life expectancy and contributes to health and the environment,” Lavi said in a press release, referencing studies that have found that vegans are less likely to contracting diseases such as hypertension, less likely to develop all cancers, and less likely to suffer from diabetes.

With 5% of its population identifying as vegan, Israel boasts the highest percentage of vegans per capita in the world. Also, 8-10% of Israelis are vegetarians, and about 40% of Israelis say they have reduced their consumption of animal-based food, according to the Israeli group Anonymous for Animal Rights.

Tel Aviv was recently dubbed the “vegan capital of the world” by British newspaper The Independent, which praised the city’s 400 vegan-friendly restaurants.

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