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EastEnders spoiler: Kat and Alfie are left homeless as police force them out their flat

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Kat is forced out of her home by police BBC

Kat is forced out of her home by police

The resilient couple have had an explosive few months as Alfie, played by Shane Richie, set fire to his family home in an insurance scam, which had dire consequences when Kat, played by Jessie Wallace, who suffered serious burns.

To add to their troubles, the couple were made homeless when a horrified Kat discovered she has unwittingly been squatting at No. 43 Albert Square.

On top of that, when the Moons returned home they found all of their possessions out on the street.

Vowing to find his family a safe haven, Alfie looked into renting a flat but when the deposit proved to be too expensive he moved in illegally.

At first Kat refuses to leave BBC

At first Kat refuses to leave

The family find themselves homeless once again BBC

The family find themselves homeless once again

Now the family of five are set to become homeless again when the police arrive to evict them from the flat. 

At first Kat refuses to leave but is forced out by the officers. 

As the family return to the Queen Vic, Alfie’s guilt is almost too much to bare, but will he share his dark secret? 

Shane Richie recently revealed the rollercoaster storyline will continue over the next few months.

Speaking to, he said: “The stuff we are set to play between January and April will be like watching 12 years of Kat and Alfie going ‘bang’ just like that.”

Adding: “When my contract comes up for renewal, normally I have a think about whether to stay or go. But now I say, ‘No, I need to stay and see this through with Kat and Alfie.'”

Will Alfie's guilt be too much for him to bare BBC

Will Alfie’s guilt be too much for him to bare

But before they can see in 2015, the couple’s recent home explosion will come back to haunt them over Christmas as Kat inches closer to the truth about how the fire started.

Shane teased: “I just don’t know how Kat and Alfie come back from this one. He only meant to cause a bit of smoke damage to claim on the insurance.

“But of course, the whole bleedin’ lot went up. People could have died, and Alfie might have lost his family.”

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