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Album charts the career of New York Dolls’ and Heartbreakers Icon

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punk rock, johnny thunders, looking for johnny, new york dolls and the heartbreakersPH

The new soundtrack album tracks the documentary of the same name for the legendary punk star

Its not my job here to review the movie, I’m just looking at the album, but if you get a chance, watch it because its fascinating and a real insight into the man and his life and a period in music that is not just the throwaway “Bin liner and safety pin” fashion it seemed then. 

Thunders, of both the New York Dolls and the Heartbreakers, was a major part and influence on the US and European music scene during what, for musicians in this genre, was a very long career.  He also worked with numerous other musicians as well as having a solo career and this album contains a selection of music that spans all of this and contributions by others as diverse as Vic Goddard and the Bermondsey Joyriders. 

punk rock, johnny thunders, looking for johnny, new york dolls and the heartbreakersPH

When you saw Johnny in concert, it was an unforgettable night

Like Picasso, there were many periods to Johnny Thunders’ music

For lovers of thrashing punk and punk style rock, there’s plenty on this album to listen to but it also contains flashes of musical genius that epitomise the contradiction that is Johnny Thunders.  Like Picasso in art, throughout his career,  there were many periods to Johnny Thunders’ music but with an overall theme that runs throughout and they were all interesting.

From the perspective of somebody who grew up with this music, its a “must have” as it really charts Thunders’ development and for any student of music of that period, one can hear not only who influenced him, but who, he in turn, influenced.  From somebody approaching this with no experience of the music of that period, its a brash, raw, brave insight into a time when it was the norm for people to actually pick up the instruments and play them.  

punk rock, johnny thunders, looking for johnny, new york dolls and the heartbreakersPH

The new album gives the listener a whole new raw insight into the character of the punk legend

There’s no autotune on this.  This is raw, gutsy music at its very, very best.  The limited edition red vinyl version , which is out in Novembers superbly cut and sounds fantastic. The album features many of Thunder’s best known songs such as You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory, Pirate Love and the punk anthem Born To Lose. Definitely one of the albums of the year.

Johnny Thunders and Various Artists.  Original Soundtrack Album.  Jungle Records. FREUDLP 116.


Track listing:-

Disc 1:
Cool Operator
Alone in a Crowd
I’m Confronted
Great Big Kiss
Pirate Love
Get Off The Phone
Take A Chance
One Track Mind
Born to Lose
All By Myself
Can’t Keep My Eyes On You
London Boys
In Cold Blood

Disc 2:
Little Bit of Whore
Too Much Junkie Business
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
I Only Wrote This Song For You
Billy Boy
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
Blame It On Mom
Sad Vacation
Endless Party
Looking For Johnny
Johnny Thunders
Cold Wind
Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being
Quaaludes And Red Wine
Mandolin Memories

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