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9 Super Famous Celebrities Who Live Frugally

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 03 Dec 2014 13:19 PM / No Comments / 10 views

Celebrities make a lot of money and many of them spend it quite freely. While it may be common in Hollywood to live like a king or queen, not all celebrities are interested in that type of lifestyle. We have found a small bunch who have chosen to live quite frugally. They probably remember what life was like before their big break and are well aware that their continued success isn’t always a guarantee in a place as fickle as Hollywood. We’re quite impressed with these 9 celebrities. They know how to save and how to spend their money wisely, which is pretty uncommon among most celebrities!

9. Jennie Garth

As a single mom, Jennie Garth is always looking out for a good deal. She discussed spending frugally in a special column for a U.S. coupon website, RetailMeNot. “When you’re a single parent, finding a bargain becomes less of a nicety and more of a necessity. That’s why, whether I’m ordering books on Amazon, clothes for my girls at Forever 21 or just random stuff at CVS (drug store), I try to shop smart,” Garth penned.

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