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9 Most shocking Celebrity Hook-Ups Of 2014

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 01 Dec 2014 22:33 PM / No Comments / 9 views

We have seen a lot in 2014, including some pretty crazy hook ups. Some of them have lasted while others ended almost as quickly as they began; however, none of that really matters. All that truly matters is that they happened – or, in some cases, are currently happening. The vast majority of these couples have really thrown us for a loop. We never saw these hookups coming from a mile away but, now that they’ve happened, we can’t imagine it any other way. To celebrate and remember all the shocking celebrity hookups of 2014, we decided to throw a list together. Enjoy!

9. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin

Following his amicable uncoupling with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin wasted no time and jumped right back into the game. He was reportedly hooking up with Alexa Chung immediately after he split from his wife and, once that cooled down, he started dating Jennifer Lawrence. These two are rumored to have really hit it off because she is the opposite of Paltrow. Lawrence isn’t into clean living and refuses to deprive herself of anything.

Naturally, a pairing like this couldn’t last. Martin has a ton of baggage. He is still married to Paltrow and she reportedly still calls the shots. She is rumored to draw up schedules for him so that they can play happy family with their children. Some say that Lawrence didn’t quite understand his relationship with his ex. All she knew was that Paltrow was still a pretty big part of Martin’s life, which made things kind of awkward for them and their fledgling relationship.

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