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9 Female Celebrities Who Can’t Accept Getting Older

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 02 Dec 2014 17:57 PM / No Comments / 23 views

We feel badly for women in Hollywood. When they’re young, they’re so in-demand; however, as they get older, the jobs became few and far between and the pressure to look young becomes overwhelming. It seems as though very few female celebrities are able to totally ignore the pressure. Most succumb to it and end up turning to plastic surgery to help slow the aging process. While it’s easy to understand the desire to remain looking young, some women in Hollywood have taken things way too far. The 9 women below are so afraid of aging that they’ll do anything to prevent it from happening. Check out our list of 9 Female Celebrities Who Can’t Accept Getting Older:

9. Heather Locklear

Surprisingly, Heather Locklear doesn’t look like she has aged that much since she was on “Melrose Place.” Her cheeks are still full and there is barely a wrinkle in sight. While she looks good, she also looks kind of plastic, as though she’s been getting work done because she doesn’t want to age (she is dating a plastic surgeon, after all). Combine her looks with the fact that she was charged with DUI in 2008 (the charges were later dropped in exchange for probation) and it’s pretty obvious that the former TV star can’t seem to grow up.

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