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7 Ways LeAnn Rimes Destroyed Her Own Career

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 05 Dec 2014 10:35 AM / No Comments / 13 views

It’s been a while since people liked LeAnn Rimes. Ever since her affair and subsequent marriage to Eddie Cibrian, she has been an object of derision. People really dislike her and she spends a lot of her time engaging with the tabloids and her haters in a vain attempt to share her side of the story. It’s hard to believe she’s spent countless years doing it, but she has. Her inability to step away and let people say what they want and not engage is what makes her even more unlikable. Since her career has been suffering for years now, we figured we’d take a good look at how she single-handedly destroyed it!

Her Marriage to Eddie Cibrian

One of the main reasons that people dislike LeAnn Rimes is because of her relationship with Eddie Cibrian. They were both married when they met; however, unlike her, he had children. The two had a strong connection but, instead of being honest and separating from their respective partners, the two engaged in a relationship while they were both still married to someone else. Her relationship with Eddie is one thing but her continuous need to flaunt it in front of everyone is one of the many reasons people can’t stand her. If things hadn’t gone down the way they did in the beginning of their relationship, the public may have been a little more forgiving.

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